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Martha Alice Lovell

 Alice did many things before she entered the service.  She was a cashier, librarian, waitress and school teacher.  She was also a college exchange student to Germany.  She did all of this to pay her way through college.

Alice entered the Air Force in August of 1975.  She was stationed in many places.  Chanute AFB; IL, Malmstrom AFB; MT, Bitburg AB; Germany, Little Rock AFB; AR, Dyess AFB; TX, Sembach AB; Germany, Griffis AFB; NY, Kunsan AB; Korea, Osan AB; Korea to name a few.  My goodness!  She just bounced all over the place!!  The first 4 years while Alice was in the service she was a weather maintenance technician.  The last 24 years she was a safety specialist, technician and manager.  Alice retired from the Air Force as an E-8 in August of 2003.

Alice is currently a safety manager for Commandant of Cadets Wing on the USAFA.  Alice became an NCOA member on June 29, 1998.  She is a Life Member.  Alice has no desire to become a Rat or a Knight.  She would rather just support our chapter.  Alice has not been a Committee Chair, but she has served on the Board at another base.  Alice has helped with a parade, chapter picnic, Festival of Lights, Special Olympics and Seven Falls.  What a busy lady!

Alice enjoys to travel, read, dance, hiking, and other outdoor activities.  She is currently single and has a 32 year old son.  She also has 2 grandsons, one is 4 and the other is 12.

Alice would like to add “As with many service members, the military and the 4 service organizations (NCOA, TREA, AFSA and the AFA) have literally been my life for well over 30 years.  What an inexpressible blessing!”

Thank you Alice for everything you do!