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Minutes of the General Membership Meeting

Air Academy Chapter NCOA (

February 16, 2017

  1. Chairman Carl White called the meeting to order at 1736 at the Peterson Club.

  2. Dave Peria led the chapter in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  3. Board members present were Sir Scott Ytzen, Gerald Morey, and Maria Vanord.  Also in attendance were Treasurer, Carol Arndt, Secretary, Lady Angie Gardner, and Special Advisor, Sir Marvin Weaver, PGK.   Sir Ed Palacios was excused

  4. DV in attendance were International Auxiliary Board members, Lady Sue Ytzen and Lady Pat Weaver.

  5. Rats and Knights in attendance stood and were recognized.

  6. The minutes for January were approved.

  7. Carol provided the treasurer’s report for January. 

  8. Action Items
  • Storage Unit – Carl received the keys from Darren.
  • Website – Lady Angie updated the board emails and is working to update information on the website.
  • 2016 Audit – Gerald received the paperwork for the audit and will work to get the audit completed.
  • Annual Report- Carl noted that he will work with Darren to complete the report by 28 February.

     9. Business

  • Football

    • Seatbacks – Sir Scott noted that the chapter is still under contract for the upcoming season.
    • Permanent Seats – Discovery Canyon girls’ basketball team completed the seatback pick up alongside a few chapter members.  The chapter will pay the team $1,500 for the pick-up.
    • Parking – Sir Scott reported that the chapter’s responsibility increased during the past football season.  He suggests asking $2.00 per ticket next season.
    • Sir Scott noted that he will not be able to continue as football coordinator next year if we do not fill some of the key positions (late night manager, food manager, parking managers. 
  •  USAFA graduation is scheduled for May 24th.  
  • Snowball/Snowflake event – Carl reported that he contact World Arena again about possible upcoming events.  He will also check with other venues.  Sir Scott recommended talking to Sky Sox.  Sir Jerry suggesting the airshow being sponsored by The National WWII Museum on September 23-24.  The chapter needs to reimburse Lady Dianne Carnahan for the gift cards purchased for the Snowball Express gift bags in December.
  • Sky Sox game/picnic – Sir Scott signed the contract for the July 4th event.  The chapter committed to purchasing a minimum of 35 tickets.  We will finalize the numbers in May so that members may get tickets at the June meeting.
  • Storage – Sir Marvin noted that the chapter is donating Sir Ben’s rocking chair which is in storage to the Retiree Activities office on Peterson.

  • Donation Request – Carl noted the 4th Space Control Squadron requested a donation of a gaming system to be used by servicemen assigned to remote location.  Carol was able to get a new Xbox and games on sale.
  • Convention – Sir Marvin noted that convention will be held in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget July 11-14.  He reported that the 2018 location is unknown at this time.  Sir Scott reminded members that Knight applications and elevations are due no later than May 1st.  Rat packages are due June 1st.  100 points are required for Rats.  25 points must be from membership recruiting.
  • Carl reported that he met with Command Chief Bronson.  They discussed ways the chapter could help/get involved on base.  One idea included the chapter hosting a mentorship luncheon.  This would be a way to reach more airmen and possibly expand our membership. Maria noted that Command Chief Bronson will be meeting with all private organizations on March 1st at 2:30.  Sir Scott and Gerald noted that all private organizations are having problems recruiting and retaining members.

   10. Base Updates

  • Peterson – Gerald noted that the 21st SW held annual awards.  He attended the ceremony with Sir Jerry Zoebisch. 
  • Schriever – Carl noted that March 24 is the last day for the 3rd Space Operation Squadron.  The 1st Space Operations Squadron is holding an anniversary dinner.  The awards banquet will be held February 9th.
  • Cheyenne Mountain – no information at this time
  • USAFA – Carl noted that he will meet with the Command Chief next week.  Sir Scott suggested TSgt Cravens as a POC.

   11.  The next chapter membership meeting will be held on March 16th.  The social will begin at 5:00 and the meeting will follow at 5:30. 

  12.  With no further business to be conducted, Chairman Carl White entertained a motion to adjourn.  It was so moved and seconded.  By voice vote, the meeting was closed.  The NCOA creed was read by Carl White and the meeting was adjourned at 1833.

Carl White                                                                   Lady Angie Gardner
Chapter Chairman                                                       Chapter Secretary