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Did You Know?

The current (112th) Congress includes 118 (21.8%) Senators and House Representatives who served or are currently serving in the military.  Just ten years ago, the (107th) Congress included 168 (31.1%) Senators and Representatives who served in the military.  The numbers have repeatedly dwindled over the years.  The NCO Association represents YOU at Capitol Hill and interacts with elected officials to fight for YOUR continued military rights and benefits. (data current as of 1 Mar 11)       

Who Can Join?

NCOA's membership is open to all current, separated, or retired service men and women in all enlisted ranks who have served honorably in an Active, Reserve, or National Guard capacity in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.
The Air Academy Chapter represents personnel from Peterson AFB, AF Academy, Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Shriever AFB and their local areas.

Hot off the press!!  Click here for a short video to learn more about the NCO Association.

If signing up online, annotate Chapter 300 and your recruiter or a chapter officer.

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Membership Term

Regular/Assoc Veteran
(E-4 thru E-9)

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(spouses/familly members)

(married military couple)

(regular and auxiliary couple)

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Why Join?

1. REPRESENTATION: "Represent All Enlisted Members Of The Armed Forces"
NCOA makes a difference by taking a stand on issues that affect the lives of enlisted men and women who serve, or have served, this great nation.  Our membership consists of enlisted service members - active duty, veterans and retirees from all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Reserve. 

2. WE TAKE ACTION: "Strength In Numbers"
The power of over 75,000 members speaking as one voice for the men and women of the Enlisted Corp.  We have four full-time lobbyists on Capital Hill voting on issues in the best interest of the enlisted member.  W
e provide expert testimony to Congress and worked extensively with the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

3. INFORMATION: "Get up-to-date information delivered to your doorstep"
Every NCOA member receives 6 journals each year.  Our Journal provides up-to-date information on topics such as legislative issues, changes to military policies and procedures, as well as various articles addressing issues affecting all branches of the military. 

4. EDUCATION: "Scholarships & grants"
NCOA has awarded nearly $1.5 million in academic scholarships to the children and spouses of Association members.

5. CAREER CENTER: "Transition Assistance at it's Finest"
NCOA hosts jobs fairs at various sites throughout the United States. NCOA Job Fairs offer unlimited, nationwide opportunities for military personnel, veterans, officer and enlisted, of all services including National Guard and Reserve. While these job fairs are primarily for military personnel who are separating or retiring, family members and government employees are also welcome to attend.

6. LOCAL ACTIVITIES: "Getting Involved With The Community"
Involvement in your local chapter brings you in touch with your local community. 
Annually, Air Academy Chapter 300 participates in a variety of activities in the Colorado Springs area.  The chapter also supports many military functions and awards at local bases.

Chapter 300 meets every 3rd Friday of the month and participates in annual conventions.
  This close fellowship enhances camaraderie, professional development, and esprit de corps among members.

For more membership information, send an e-mail to with your preferred contact information.