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Chapter Chairman
MSgt Carl White
Knight Pointing Left

Chairman ‑ The Chapter Chairperson serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter.  The Chairperson presides over all executive and business meetings of the chapter. The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that the Vice Chairperson and the Executive Committee are aware at all times of the chapter's activities and functions.  The Chapter Chairperson has ultimate responsibility for the administrative and financial management of the chapter.

Chapter Vice Chairman
SSgt Maria Vanord
Contact Maria

Chapter Vice Chairperson – The Chapter Vice Chairperson    acts as the Chairperson in the absence of the Chapter Chairperson.  The Chapter Vice Chairperson must remain thoroughly informed on all matters pertaining to the chapter.

Chapter Trustee
MSgt Gerald Morey

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Chapter Trustee
 Sir (MSgt Ret) Scott Ytzen 

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Chapter Trustee
Sir Ed Palacios


Lady Angie Gardner
Knight Pointing Left

Lady Angie


Secretary ‑ The Chapter Secretary is appointed by the Chapter Chairperson to maintain the general business records of the chapter and to keep the written minutes of all chapter business meetings and submit copies of all minutes to NCOA Headquarters on a quarterly basis.  The Secretary's position may be filled by appointing a Trustee or any dues-paying member of the chapter. 

Sir (MSgt Ret) Abe Braverman
Knight Pointing Left
Sir Abe

Treasurer ‑ The Chapter Treasurer is appointed by the Chapter Chairperson and is responsible for safe‑keeping of all chapter property and assets.  The Treasurer must further control chapter funds in accordance with the "International Association Finances Chapter Accounting Procedures (AFCAP)".  The Treasurer's Report will be submitted to NCOA Headquarters on a quarterly basis. The Treasurer's position may be filled by appointing a Trustee or a dues-paying member of the chapter. 

Special Advisor
Sir (MSgt Ret) Marv Weaver
Past Grand Knight
Knight Pointing Left 
Sir Marv 

Special Advisor ‑ Special Advisor is appointed by the Chapter Chairperson and has held the office of Chairman, Vice Chairman, or Chapter Trustee.  They have proven to be valuable assets to the chapter and are responsible for advising the current Executive Committee on all chapters matters as needed.  The Special Advisors also ensures the Executive Committee conducts business IAW NCOA Bylaws and Chapter Manual.