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Rats! A term known to most to describe a rodent, low life, etc. To an NCOA member, it is the first step in a long line of accredited accomplishments.
The awards program of the NCOA is one of the most important ongoing programs contributing directly to the growth and success of the NCOA.  It ensures members who are active in Association affairs are properly recognized.   


International Rat Pack
Members can apply for membership into the International Rat Pack after attainment of 100 points.  Points are awarded for service on the chapter executive committee, convention attendance, committee chairs and recruiting, to name a few. 

Knight of the Square Table
Six steps include being a member for 3 years, lifetime membership and member of the Rat Pack, to name a few. Member must personally petition the Knights Committee.  Awarded the title of "Sir" or "Lady".

Order of the Sword
Selected annually from among the Knights of the Square Table by the appointed Knights Selection Committee.

Order of Excalibur
Selected annually from among the Order of the Sword by the appointed Knights Selection Committee.